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January 2021 - December 2026

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a major opportunity for our institutions and companies. Based on data acquisition and information processing algorithms, processes in many sectors can be made more efficient. These developments have a significant impact on regional development in many areas including medicine, media, mobility, manufacturing, energy, construction, governance and education. They will transform the way businesses operate.


Five French-speaking universities and four Walloon research centers active in AI (namely UCLouvain, ULB, ULiège, UMONS, UNamur, Cenaero, Cetic, Multitel and Sirris) have joined to create the TRAIL (Trusted AI Labs) Institute. Through ARIAC, TRAIL has laid out a 6-year plan consistent with the actions undertaken at the European, federal, and regional levels. Its objective is to better serve the local economy and to place the Walloon Region in the international picture by developing a trusted approach to AI around 4 research axes: AI-humans interactions, trust mechanisms for AI, AI-models integrations, embedded AI.


Research efforts will be strengthened and pooled thanks to the development and implementation of a common platform, the TRAIL Factory, for strong interactions with the socio-economic players ultimately benefiting from advances in AI. The platform is a tool to facilitate research oriented towards future technology transfer. It will also highlight the AI skills and expertise available in Wallonia. ARIAC researchers will also collaborate on collective Grand Challenges targeting strategic markets for Wallonia. The outcome of those challlenges will be made available on the TRAIL Factory.