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Anne-Laure Cadji

ARIAC-Trusted AIL Labs (TRAIL)

Anne-Laure Cadji has been active in project management for over ten years. Before joining the University of Louvain, she used to work as an evaluation expert to assess projects funded by the European Commission and the Belgian Federal Government. She then managed a privately funded project for the Louvain School of Engineering Further on, she coordinated the particpation of the University of Louvain to the European University Circle U. A project she contributed to design via three successful applications (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, Erasmus+ European Universities Initiative, and Horizon2020 Swafs). She has recently been appointed PM for the ARIAC project. The project supported by the Research Department of the Walloon Government to launch the Trusted AI Labs initiative.

Anne-Laure graduated from the University of Oxford in politics in 2004. She is fluent in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.




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