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Medical Imaging

October 2023 - September 2026

The advent of personalized medicine relies on the use of individual omics data for diagnostic, preventive, and medical treatment purposes. Advances in genetic testing and reduced costs now make it possible for individuals to learn about their predisposition to diseases, the extent of the diseases, or the most effective treatments.
The GLORIA project, managed by Eonix, emerged from collaborations with healthcare professionals aiming to enhance patient-centered solutions for personalized medicine. The primary goal of the project is to provide citizens with a secure digital DNA repository, enabling the use of profiling tools for common complex and rare diseases. Ultimately, it aims to offer various services, such as polygenic risk calculations, pathogenic variant determination, medication responses, and more. The GLORIA project introduces an innovative service model, wherein patients, in collaboration with their physicians, request specific analyses.
Our role in this project is to develop an optimized approach for securely compressing and encrypting individual data (in particular patient genomes), and to support research into the analysis of genomic variants.