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Medical Imaging

September 2023 - December 2025

The MedReSyst project is a collaboration between Belgium's five French-speaking universities and two accredited research centres (Multitel and Cetic) that aims to develop a holistic approach to network and systems medicine. This approach takes into account the whole patient, integrating biological data such as DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites, as well as exposomic factors that reflect the environment to which the patient has been exposed. In addition, detailed clinical data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are used for two main purposes: firstly, to establish a personalised map of the risk factors and protective elements of each individual's health, and secondly, to predict in a personalised way the risk of developing a disease and the response to treatment. AI-based models are still not widely used in clinics today because they are often hermetic and rigid. MedReSyst takes an innovative approach by deploying continuous learning models, fed continuously by data and expertise from multidisciplinary coalitions of experts within hospitals, so-called 'learning coalitions'. The experts are in constant interaction with the AI models, and the data and annotations are regularly revised by peers as patients and cases evolve. This revolutionary approach favours collaboration between digital and healthcare professionals, creating a virtuous circle and boosting confidence in AI in the medical field. It should be noted that this initiative is part of the strategic innovation focused on "innovations for better health", encompassing diagnostic and medical technologies, e-health and the hospital of the future.

A team of 7 researchers (junior and senior) is based in Charleroi, and more specifically at the A6K, to carry out this project.