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November 2018 - April 2022

In the context of automotive, the growth in autonomous and electrical cars leads to more difficult interactions between the driver and the car. This is especially true for older drivers.

Viaduct is a research project that is an answer to that issue. It aims at developing a voice-controlled interface between the driver and the car. The goal is to reduce risk of car accidents when handing the controls over form the autonomous car to the driver.

The overall project relies on several technologies, including a conversational agent, speech recognition as well as machine learning. All the developments rely on Agile-UX methodologies, as developed in the framework of UserMEDIA, another project of PiLab.

The researchers at PiLab working on Viaduct are responsible for the development of a simulation environment, allowing to test the interface in real conditions, without getting the test subjects in potentially harmful situations (e.g. risk of car accidents).

Viaduct is funded by Walloon Region in the context of Mécatech Comptetitivity pole.