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DW - MRI for brain microstructure

Medical Imaging

October 2015 - December 2020

Diffusion weighted imaging is a MRI modality with big perspective. It allows to obtain images which are sensitive to the micro scale diffusive properties of water molecules contained in the brain. These properties are highly affected by the micro-scale properties of the neuronal cells, and can therefore be altered by degradations cause by neurological illness. The objective of microstructure imaging is to develop models in order to uncover the relations between these structures and the diffusion-weighted signals obtained. The field of application research is large, it goes from develop markers of white matter decrempency to the estimations of axons fascicle orientation, in order to find all the connections between different regions of the brain. The researchers Gaëtan Rensonnet and Diego Bardiaux are focused on the development of an hybrid UCL made model, which simulate the diffusion signal originating from a geometrical representation of white matter. The model is hybrid in the sense that it partly relies on Monte Carlo simulation and on analytical solutions of the diffusion equations.