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July 2023 - July 2026

AIPEX is a joint research project between UCLouvain, I-Care, Sagacify and Sirris focusing on using smart computer programs, known as Reinforcement Learning (RL) Algorithms, to make production lines and assembly systems work better. The goal is to help factories become more efficient and productive by using advanced computer techniques.
Researchers are carefully studying different RL algorithms to see which ones work best in real factories. They're looking at things like how well the algorithms handle different situations and how easy they are to use in a factory setting. By learning from both theory and real-life experiments, AIPEX aims to find the best ways to make factories run smoother and use resources more wisely.
Working closely with industrial partners, AIPEX is taking what they learn from research and putting it to work in real factories. They're using the knowledge gained from studying actual production lines to create special computer programs that can help factories run better.
The AIPEX project brings together experts from different fields, like computer science and engineering, to find new ways to make factories more efficient. By testing and refining their ideas with real factory data, AIPEX hopes to make a real difference in how factories operate.