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Medical Imaging

June 2021 - March 2022

The objective of Blockchain for Trust Enhancement and Efficient Communication (B-TEEC) project is to leverage blockchain technology with smart contracts for administrative simplification of business processes. All multi-party businesses require constant reconciliation of each other’s data. This is essential in conducting business because every party has their own version of data, which must be verified. However, the redundant data verification adds a significant amount of administrative delay.

B-TEEC aims to address this problem by providing a blockchain-driven infrastructure that connects the different stakeholders in an existing business. Thus, streamlining the communication between multiple parties for increased operational excellence. Also, as data stored on the blockchain is immutable, it can provide a ‘single version of truth (data)’ as opposed to ‘multiple versions of truth (data)’ in existing businesses. This can substantially reduce the data reconciliation and accelerate workflows.

Finally, the focus of B-TEEC is to develop a proof of concept for accelerated business workflow in health insurance, in particular automated reimbursement claims processing and management. Having a consortium of all relevant stakeholders (Healthcare service providers, Mutualités, INAMI, and Patients), typically involved in refund claims processing on B-TEEC platform can facilitate transparency and access to unique information on blockchain. Hence, reducing the claims settlement times via automated smart contracts and providing a mechanism for seamless communication of insurance policy updates to all parties in real time