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April 2019 - December 2021

As global consumption grows, more people gain access to essential
goods such as food or medicine, but also luxurious goods such as
wine, works of art etc.

At the same time, the market is flooded by large numbers of counterfeits. To prevent this, some brands deployed protection systems based on various types of markings applied to their products.
Unfortunately, there are limitations to these technologies due
to their cost, their functional limit (traceability or authenticity),
or the fact that these techniques require major changes in the supply chain.

The aim of the Vegeta project is to offer a system ensuring the traceability and authentication of official documents at low cost.
For this purpose, we propose a unique method embedding a specific marker printed on paper enabling us to trace and authenticate a commercial product. A blockchain is used to register the unique marker together with the inherent structural defects of the paper used as a key for its authentication. By scanning this paper, we retrieve the features of its defects that we use as a random, difficult to replicate, mark and compute a hash code.

We collaborate with Eonix s.a., Multitel, Quimesis under the VEGETA
project funded by the Walloon region.