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Signals & Pixels

October 2018 - March 2022

In the context of industry 4.0, (predictive) maintenance is considered one of the key aspects. Among others, the ability to pose the correct diagnostic and retrieve all the relevant information can allow for shorter downtime, faster troubleshooting, as well as less failures in the future.

Artemtec is a research project that aims at developing interfaces in augmented reality in a maintenance scenario. The idea is to scan a situation with a smart device (smartphone, tablet, augmented reality headset), analyse the potential source of failure, retrieve information in a seamless way (in the sense of user experience).

It involves technologies such as augmented reality, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

The researchers of PiLab involved in the project are responsible for the development of proof of concepts for the augmented reality interfaces and computer vision algorithms that can analyse a given maintenance setting and provide meaningful information about the parts and components involved.

Artemtec is a project funded by Walloon Region in the context of Skywin Competitivity pole.