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Victorien Sonneville


Victorien works as the xR Lab Manager at EmpowerHub, a part of PiLab where companies prototype digital technologies (AR, VR, AI, IoT, Blockchain, Web/Mobile apps). As such, he helps those companies discover the technologies and figure how to best leverage those in their respective businesses.

He is acting as project manager for UserMEDIA, a European research project for the development of new interactions in the media through the use of emerging technologies.

Victorien got a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLouvain in 2017.




El Raghibi, Lucas ; Muhoza, Ange Pascal ; Evrard, Jeanne ; Ghazi, Hugo ; Van Oldeneel Tot Oldenzeel, Grégoire ; Sonneville, Victorien ; Macq, Benoît ; Ronsse, Renaud. Virtual Reality can mediate the learning phase of upper limb prostheses supporting a better-informed selection process in Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces



Sonneville, Victorien ; Macq, Benoît ; Bol, David. Frame buffer compression for power-aware HEVC codec - Mémoire (Thesis)