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Julie Chatelain

Assistant researcher

Julie Chatelain obtained a master in computer science in 2017. She did her master thesis on e-health applications for the empowerment of diabetic patients. She is now involved in the User/Media Factory Feder project as a researcher. She is developing web mobile architecture (Mean stack and Unity) for interactive e-learning applications involving the Cluster TWIST and the GRAAL spin-off project.




Athanasopoulos, Georgios ; Lucas, Céline ; Cierro, Alessandro ; Guerit, Robin ; Hagihara, Kaori ; Chatelain, Julie ; Lugan, Sébastien ; Macq, Benoît. King's Speech: Pronounce a Foreign Language with Style in Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts



Athanasopoulos, Georgios ; Hagihara, Kaori ; Cierro, Alessandro ; Guerit, Robin ; Chatelain, Julie ; Lucas, Céline ; Macq, Benoît. 3D Immersive Karaoke for the Learning of Foreign Language Pronunciation in International Conference on 3D Immersion, Brussels, Belgium, du 11/12/2017 au 12/12/2017


Chatelain, Julie ; Macq, Benoît. Electronic health record exchange tools directed toward patients with chronic diseases - Mémoire (Thesis)