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Jaroslav Albert


Although a physicist by training, Jaroslav Albert has worked in several fields since obtaining his PhD, including systems biology, stochastic modeling and, most recently, medical physics. The subject of his PhD thesis was the study of the interaction of sound waves with magnetic vortices in type-II superconductors. After his PhD, he worked on methods to infer gene regulatory clusters from mRNA micro-array data. During this time he also developed a penchant for stochastic processes in gene regulatory networks, a topic he continues to explore to date. 
His current research interests center on proton radiotherapy, specifically on methods of improving the accuracy of proton treatment.




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Albert, Jaroslav ; Labarbe, Rudi ; Sterpin, Edmond. Electric Field from a Proton Beam in Biological Tissues for Proton Radiotherapy in Physical Review Applied



Albert, Jaroslav ; Labarbe, Rudi ; Sterpin, Edmond ; Macq, BenoƮt ; Lee, John Aldo. Prediction of Patient Setup Errors and Errors in the Calibration Curve from Prompt Gamma Proton Range Measurements in Medical Physics