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Diego Bardiaux


Diego Bardiaux obtained his master degree in physics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2016. He completed his master thesis under the supervision of Gregory Kozyreff in optics. His work was focused on the development of semi-analytics resolutions of Maxwell equations and aimed to help conceive an optic micro-resonator based bio-detector. After his master thesis, he joined Benoît Macq's team to work on diffusion MRI based analysis of white matter sub-millimeter structure. His project aims to find robust markers of white matter degenerations, based on physically-realistic Monte Carlo simulations of Brownian diffusion in geometrical representations of white matter. Additionally, he has background in fundamental physics, whose fascinate him by its ability to makes us rethink all our assumptions about nature. His PhD thesis is funded by the personal resources of Benoît Macq.