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Dani Manjah

Research Assistant

Dani Manjah obtained his Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from Université catholique de Louvain in June 2018.

He is doing research in the field of multi-agent systems in the industry. His first project consisted in developing an holonic multi-agent architecture to support large scale interactions in a mixed and augmented reality. Currently, his research focuses on a cooperative approach in computer vision for monitoring and analyzing traffic in smart cities.




Manjah, Dani ; Galland, Stéphane ; De Vleeschouwer, Christophe ; Macq, Benoît. Autonomous Methods in Multisensor Architecture for Smart Surveillance in 16th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence - Volume 3: ICAART, Rome, Italy, du 24/02/2024 au 26/02/2024


Rotsart de Hertaing, Gauthier ; Manjah, Dani ; Macq, Benoît. TrajViViT: A Trajectory Video Vision Transformer Network for Trajectory Forecasting in 13th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods ICPRAM - Volume 1, Rome, Italy, du 24/02/2024 au 26/02/2024



Manjah, Dani ; Cacciarelli, Davide ; Benkedadra, Mohamed ; Standaert, Baptiste ; Rotsart de Hertaing, Gauthier ; Macq, Benoît ; Galland, Stéphane ; De Vleeschouwer, Christophe. Stream-Based Active Distillation for Scalable Model Deployment in 2023 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Vancouver, Canada, du 17/06/2023 au 24/06/2023



Manjah, Dani ; Hagihara, Kaori ; Basso, Gillian ; Macq, Benoît. Implementation of a Holonic Multi-agent System in Mixed or Augmented Reality for Large Scale Interactions in 18th International Conference, PAAMS 2020, l'Aquila, Italy, du 07/10/2020 au 09/10/2020



Renard, Maxence ; Manjah, Dani ; Mouchet, Maxime ; Grégoire, Philippe ; Hendrickx, Julien ; Latteur, Pierre. Etablissement d'un plan d'affaire du projet Fodalytics visant à développer un système d'aide à la détection de FOD dans les aéroports - Mémoire (Thesis)